Unsung hero

Spell Me Canada invites you to name your ‘Unsung Hero’.

Spurs-Moi Canada invites children aged 6-9 to submit their 300-word story and children aged 10-14 to submit their 500-word essay about a special person in their life, with the full address and phone number of the person they have chosen, explaining why that person should be chosen to receive the award.

The selection committee will select 3 stories or essays from each of the 3 age categories; primary (6-8); (9-11), intermediate (12-14). Here are the examples of the people you can apply for: mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, caretaker, sister, brother, uncle, aunt, friend, teacher, community leader and mentor… Etc.

Candidates will be selected based on the content of their story or essay; spelling words, writing style, grammar, punctuation, fluidity and presentation.

Please complete this form and email your text to: info@epellemoicanada.ca


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